Is This Your Usual Way?

I finally woke up this morning with renewed energy in myself.  I’ve been trying to find myself because, quite honestly, I’ve been lost.  So far, today has been a good day, and it has gotten off to a good start.  I’ve fulfilled my physical obligation to myself.  I exercised this morning and even focused on my abs — an area I’ve been lazily neglecting.  I ate a healthy breakfast and passed up adding sugar to my coffee.  I worked on the spiritual.  I connected with my Lord, which is what brought me to this blog today.  And, as I type, I am currently in the process of sorting out part of my mental pillar for the day.

It’s daunting and scary and hard to be where I am in my life right now.  It’s even more terrifying for me to share any of this in a blog.  I fear what outcome each decision that I make presently in my life might hold for me, and quite frankly I am a little distrusting of myself that I am doing the right thing.  I am at a personal, professional, and livable crossroads in my life, but words from the Bible gave me some encouragement this morning.

My spiritual devotional for this brand new first day of July was 2 Samuel 7.  I focused on verses 18 and 19.  In this chapter David looked around him, seeing the beautiful palace in which he had been blessed to live in, and realized that the ark of God still resided in a tent.  David was struck with the idea to build a house for the ark of God.  Look at how God had blessed him, how could he not do this thing for his Lord?

David tells his idea to the Nathan the prophet, and through Nathan God speaks his blessing for David.  David wanted to do something for the Lord; God blesses him in return.  God blesses David’s name, David’s people, and David’s son.  God promises that David’s son will be king after David, that his kingdom will be secure, and that God’s love will never leave this son.  David’s son will be the one to build a house for God.

I started to ask myself, what am I doing for God?  It’s a serious question.  It’s a question that I really don’t ask myself very often.  In our society today, most of what we do is for ourselves not for others.  Even what we do for others, is really for the gratification of self.  It makes US feel good or, better yet, look good.  The question what am I doing for God? is one that I intend to give more thought to, but the message from this scripture for me wasn’t even in that question, which I find to be truly remarkable.  It speaks to the selfless nature and love of God.

After hearing God’s blessing, David goes to the holy tent to pray to God, to TALK TO God.  In verses 18 and 19, David says to the Lord, “Who am I? [. . .] So why have you brought me this far?  I would have thought you had already done enough for me” (NIRV).

Who am I, God, for you to have brought me thus far?  My message was there!  For me this is a continuous blessing.  No matter what, God has continued to bring me to where I need to be and through what I needed to get through.  When I ask for guidance, He continuously provides.  Even in the midst of feeling lost, which I honestly feel, I know He is still leading me because He has a plan for me and a purpose for me.  Who are we?  Like David, we are people for which God has a purpose.  He has a purpose for me, and He has a purpose for you.  This is why He has literally carried us so many times, which brought us and brings us to where we are.  This is what I believe.

And if that is not enough, because somehow God never leaves us at just enough, David goes on to say in verse 19, “But now, Lord and King, you have also spoken about what is going to happen […] is this your usual way of dealing with people?” (NIRV).  Today was my second day reading 2 Samuel 7.  I read it Monday, and because it popped up on my Bible app feed I read it again today.  Of course, it wasn’t coincidence.  Monday, I said to my boyfriend, I think that this is God’s usual way of dealing with people.  It has to be because I have seen it in my life and the lives of others so many times.  There seems to always be a “but now,” as Pastor Freddy Haynes might indicate, when it comes to the Lord.  David was already in a good position and because of what he wanted to do for God, the Lord blessed him and those around him again.  But now, Lord , you do even more for us.  My reading of this chapter, said that David deserved his blessing because of what he wanted to do for God, yet the amazing thing is that God does more for us who really don’t even deserve it.  And this is His usual way!  This is what God does.  This is what His grace and His mercy does for us, and it is utterly astonishing.

Today, I was led to pick up my pen when I sat down to read the Bible.  Picking up the pen, led me to literally starting a blog today.  See, something has been telling me to write, and I am trying to listen.  This is when the mental and the spiritual mix.  I’m thankful today for the blessing of this word; and, really, I hope that if you read this, that you read 2 Samuel 7 and that the Lord blesses you.

Is This Your Usual Way?

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