For the Benefit of Others

A little update before I begin . . . I fell off with fulfilling my four pillars each day.  I left my home and went back home to my family for a visit.  It was harder for me to focus myself on what I knew I was supposed to do, so I just let it slip.  In light of the last thing I did post, I’ll just say, talk about self will.  In any effect, everyday is a new beginning, and today I’m resolving to get back on my game.  And one last thing to add because it’s just human nature even when it doesn’t count for much . . . I did try to write one day (I just have to say it).  Somehow, it didn’t save, and I don’t know what happened to it (never mind the fact that I never finished it, though, of course, I had every intention to finish it), BUT (one finger waves defensively in the air) I did TRY to write one day!  

Let’s just be honest, who was it who said “almost (and all the words like it that indicate that make yourself feel better half-hearted attempt) doesn’t count?”

For the Benefit of Others

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